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I’m Ivan Richards

Owner + Head Chef


I have 11 Years of experience in high-pressure culinary environments, in fast-paced kitchens, and producing high-quality mouth-watering dishes. I'm also a creative thinker who has a sound knowledge of the latest food trends, and who is intimately familiar with all the activities of the kitchen. I’m committed to quality, service, and sustainability in any food and drink services.  I’m passionate about food and cooking.


Toast started off as a husband & wife team and has

grown into a team of amazing chefs & cooks who travels all over South Africa, catering for all types of events. We started the business in 2012 when we made the food for our own wedding. We fell in love with the idea of ‘your own menu’ that fits perfectly into your budget and consists of all the food one loves.

Food Philosophy

Photo credit: Magriki

At Toast, the Food Philosophy is based upon four basic principles, which dictate the way we cook, the food we source, our menu construction and how we behave in our kitchens. We believe in the flavor, freshness, sustainability and nutritional value of all our food. We cook with integrity, passion, intelligence, and professionalism. We don’t waste

materials nor treat our work casually and we are professional in our work. We are determined in completing a project. We always respect one another and believe in diversity, sharing and inclusion at all levels; our leadership focus is building proud teams for the future.

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